Over the past month or so I have been working with a few talented individuals to piece together a micro documentary on the theme of emigration for an Italian film competition. On Thursday we travelled to Dingle in the south west corner of Ireland to speak with stone artist Antonio Fazio, originally from Sicily. If anyone has ever met him they could only say what a warm, friendly and welcoming character he is, and we truly were welcomed into his home upon arrival. Having lived in Ireland for 23 years now, he is as much a part of Dingle now as any other 'blow in' that resides in such a culturally rich part of the Irish landscape. 

Although we could have easily spent several days listening to his philosophical musings and many stories of people passing through, our focus was on his story. We will have the film complete by the end of the month and I will post a link to it here once it is ready so you can get a feel for this charming character.

If you are ever passing by Dingle town on your way to Slea Head, his place is definitely well worthwhile stopping into. And for those of you living internationally, you can check out his amazing work here.