A few weeks ago, a few friends and I took a trip out to Gouganne Barra to take a look at this beautiful forest park, located in west Cork. We had planned to return there again with models to shoot some bridal environmental portraits, and only recently got the chance to do so. With us, we had three models; Cornelia, Eshana & Paulina, and a team of lovely individuals that helped ferry us around, hold reflectors and touch up hair and make up! We were lucky enough to have been given a selection of vintage style wedding dresses that we wanted to photograph in a beautiful location, and where better than Gougane Barra.

We were also accompanied by the incredibly well dressed Barney, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua breed who garnered all the attention of the photo shoot for the whole day. And who can blame them, he had his bow tie half undone as if he was ready to dance the night away at the reception! We wondered around numerous locations within the central part of the park and also shot around the tried and tested St Finbarr's Oratory.

The park offers so many beautiful secluded spots, that it is easy to take the time away to have photographs taken in a relaxed atmosphere. Some of my favourite images are below, particularly this black & white image of Cornelia as she dips her toes in the waters of the lake.

If you are interested in shooting wedding images or even engagement images similar to these, contact me to find out more as this truly is an amazing spot to capture you and your partners special moments.