I have been pretty busy since coming back from my trip to Vail. Trying to get stuff set up for the summer months and drawing a close on the documentary I have been working on. So as it's been a while since grabbing some portraits I finally got out again with my camera! On Thursday I was fortunate enough to get to spend an hour shooting with a couple of models from model mayhem and we lucked out with a little bit of nice weather too! Both Paulina and Eshana were lovely to work with and since they're friends, they had a lot of fun dancing around :)

We managed to wander around near the river here in Cork and happened to come across a few cool backgrounds that we used to our advantage. Simon of Iamacosmonaut had organised the meet up and thought we'd try something cool with some sparklers. Unfortunately it was a little too bright in the day when we broke them out but they still battled with them in a sword-fight! As the girls had to leave shortly afterwards, we didn't get to capture some cool twilight images with them but we'll see what happens next time!

If you feel you'd like to contact me regarding portrait sessions just drop me a message. In the meantime check out more of the shoot in the images below!